At TOMO We Combine
Glamour with Function

Our mission is to provide high-quality fashionable products that make people glow, within and without.

We not only empower people to look and feel fabulous but also be more loving to themselves and the environment.

At TOMO, our purpose is to make a difference by providing high-quality extra ordinary products that make people glow. Our commitment to our customers is to always provide exceptional customer service, provide the highest quality of products and to create an outstanding shopping experience. 

The Spirit to Create a Better Future

Your TOMO will not only make you glow, it will significantly help to reduce our reliance on single-use plastic bottles. 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute, and most of them simply end up polluting our oceans. Choosing TOMO makes a difference. 

The Fashionable Solution for Glowing Skin

Proper Hydration is key to a glowing smooth skin, but how many of us are actually hydrating ourselves so we can glow from the inside-out?
TOMO helps women worldwide to gain that desirable radiant-looking glow easily and effortlessly. 

Single-use Plastic is no Longer Cool

TOMO is playing an important role in sustainable design: 100% recyclable bottle, as it is plastic-free and not coated with any toxic material. With your TOMO you can not only change your life, but change the whole world, one sip at a time.

Transforming Lives with Drop4Drop

Every TOMO Bottle sold provides clean water to those currently living without it. Together with Drop4Drop, we support the communities that need it most. The concept is simple: #CleanWaterForAll.

Access to clean water transforms lives, creates opportunities, and lays the foundations for a brighter future. Our amazing customers bring our vision for change to life, with every purchase. Together we are part of the solution.

We donate a portion from every TOMO Bottle to Drop4Drop. Thank you for making this possible.