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From Dreamers to Doers

We are a collective of creative souls, visionaries, and change-makers. We are a team of 40 members, scattered across 12 countries, impacting over 80 countries. 

We are united by the same mission:  to make the world a little brighter. Each morning, we awaken with a sense of purpose, committed to continuous growth, pushing the limits of what is considered possible, and turning our big dreams into reality.

CEO & Co-Founder

“TOMO for me is a reflection of our inner spirits. TOMO is our message, it’s what we want to see in the world.”

Head of Campaigns

“To me, TOMO embodies an infinite journey of personal growth and self-discovery. It's a constant reminder of the collective responsibility we hold for the world and symbolizes freedom of expression for oneself.”

Creative Director

“TOMO represents freedom for me to express creativity and pursue self-development and growth, all while being inspired by my amazing colleagues every day.”

Head of Service

“TOMO is life-changing and inspiring. It gives an open space for women to empower themselves and grow.”

Our Philosophy


Adorned with over 4,000 clear-cut crystals, TOMO’s sparkling accessories exude quality and confidence. 


From packaging to production, we’re determined to protect our planet from excess plastic. 


Every TOMO bottle provides a person with clean water for life. Our goal: 1 million people by the end of 2024. 

A Letter from Tamara, TOMO’s Co-Founder & CEO

I started TOMO when I was 25 with the idea of doing something meaningful. Living on an island in Thailand, I saw a vision. A vision to bring very powerful women together. And to create something bigger than life.

Something that will push us to our limits. Something that will make people think. Something that will make people act.

We are a woman-led company. With values of empowerment. Respect. And trust. A company set to the highest standards. From production to service. A company with a dream. A dream of a world with less suffering. A world where people do more for others. A world of change. A world of hope.

The TOMO Butterfly Icon

We think women and butterflies are very alike. They both go through big changes. Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, women grow and transform in different ways throughout their lives.

Also, butterflies may look delicate but they're really strong (for example they survive in difficult weather conditions). Similarly, women show strength and keep going even when things get hard.

And of-course the beauty, just like there are many types of butterflies, each with its own unique colors and patterns, women come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, each with her own unique beauty.

No matter the differences, every butterfly and every woman is beautiful in her own way.