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In modern times, life is no longer simple. We are constantly facing new stressors coming our way, whether it is a frequent barrage of media delivering bad news, worries about the health of a loved one, or taking on new responsibilities in our careers.

Globally since 2020, we have seen an unprecedented rise in stress levels. Nearly 2 in 3 adults have reported experiencing increased stress since the pandemic started. On top of the chaos that we already face in our busy lives, all of this stress can lead to adverse effects on your mind and body. Muscle tension, fatigue, headaches... the list goes on and on!

If this resonates with you, we want you to know that you are not alone. Experiencing stress, especially during these unprecedented times, is to be expected. We’ve all been there.

The good news is that there are many ways you can uplift yourself. When you make time for yourself for even 15 minutes a day, you can start on the path towards saying goodbye to stress for good.

Here are a few ways to relax if you are feeling overwhelmed.


1. Stay hydrated

No, really. Research shows that drinking water improves mood and cognitive function across the board. If you’re having a bad day, take a break to have a cool sip of water.

You’ll feel even more refreshed when you’re using a sparkling TOMO bottle. Our colorful, sustainable water bottles shine so brightly that they will bring a smile to your face every time you use one.


2. Figure out why you're stressed

Try to identify a cause. This plan might seem counterintuitive, but to reduce our stress, we must first figure out what’s causing it. Once you’ve done that, you will be able to form a game plan to maximize how much you’re able to get out of these next few steps.


3. Take a break

Smartphones and computers are great. They can connect us almost instantly with people halfway across the world. Unfortunately, this also means we have instant access to a million different distractions and stressors throughout our day.

As a society, we feel like we have to constantly be plugged in, leading to some serious burnout. Even if you can only afford to turn your notifications off for short periods of time, you will see the calming effects on your mind almost instantly.


4. Find gratitude

While we’re stressed out, it can be challenging to remember the parts of our lives that truly bring us joy.

Here at TOMO, we end every meeting by expressing one thing we are grateful for. It doesn’t take much time, but every call ends on a positive note and leaves us feeling hopeful for the future.

If you can do something similar in your workplace or at home, we promise that you will start feeling much more in touch with the positive aspects of your life.


5. Get together

Remember to get involved with your community. Building connections with people is one of the most important ways we can remember that we are not alone.

Start by calling a friend or family member to simply talk about your day; it will help you remember that there are people in your life who care about your well-being.

A community doesn’t just have to be directly in front of you. There are online communities for everything, where people go to connect, de-stress, talk about common woes, and come up with solutions for those problems together.

TOMO has our own amazing community of independent, confident, and glamorous women to share our stories with. The best part is that
everyone is invited!

Stress and mental health are not addressed enough in our communities, which increases the negative stigma around the talk and prevents people from seeking help. The first step to raising awareness about an issue is conversation.

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