february, 2022

Missira Tenda Village,
The Gambia

Lives Changed: 800

Missira Tenda is a Mandinka community that has only one hand pump which used to serve the entire community and it has broken down over time.

According to the District public health officer, the village needed urgent intervention in clean water. Waterborne diseases were very common especially among children.


Amarambedu SC Village, India

Lives Changed: 1,390

“My name is Mrs. Jenifer and I am 25 years of age and since my childhood I used to observe the amount of strain my mother used to take in bringing the water to our home and we used to assist her and most of the time used to get wasted in fetching the water.

Now we are very happy to see that we have safe water facility at our disposal and we are able to get water easily and also as much as we require.

We thank TOMO & Drop4Drop for the support given to our village. THANK YOU!"


Indira Nagar Village, India

Lives Changed: 2,625

“Everyday we had to spend lots of time to bring water to our home.

We used to worry about the time and energy our children were wasting along with us to bring home the water. Most of the days our children were not in a position to even take a bath.

It was a dream for us that one fine day we would be availing adequate water source. TOMO & Drop4Drop have made our dreams come to reality. It is a miracle for us and our community”

Mr. MASTHAN S/O. IBRAHIM, 42 years


J.J Nagar ST Village

Lives Changed: 1,245

TOMO Sponsored Projects

Madanambedu Village

Lives Changed: 850

Year: 2021

Country: India

Bilongo Village

Lives Changed: 310

Year: 2021

Country: Uganda

Venkatarajula Kandiga Village

Lives Changed: 1,745

Year: 2021

Country: India

Missira Village

Lives Changed: 800

Year: 2021

Country: The Gambia

Gudiyam ST Village

Lives Changed: 925

Year: 2020

Country: India

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