small act, dramatic impact

Our Vision

To be the catalyst for ending the world water crisis.

a new era of high-fashion

TOMO CEO, Tamara Yannay is a disruptor and innovator. She leads with bold ideas, resilience and unconventional thinking.

"TOMO bottles are our message to the world, they're a reflection of our spirits. They're bold, innovative, and shed light on global issues."

we dream big

Every TOMO provides water to one person for life

We imagine a world where all women are free, and no kid is thirsty.

Free Shipping No Extra Costs
1-Year Warranty Return with Ease
Experience Perfection BPA/BPS-free, maintaining ideal temperature for 12-24+ hours.
Radiate Luxury Featuring our iconic TOMO red plate, now in an enhanced 60mm size engraved with the distinctive TOMO Elite logo
Embrace Exclusivity Uniquely serialized, embodying individuality in a select community.
Be a Beacon of Change Every TOMO Elité directly funds clean water for an entire family, leaving a lasting impact on generations to come.