It’s the small, simple steps that go the furthest.

Every year, the world generates 380 million tonnes of plastic waste. And less than 10% is ever recycled. But instead of letting the numbers overwhelm us, we are rising to the challenge.

Everyday you hydrate with your TOMO, you prevent plastic waste. And in doing so, you’re making an active impact in the world. 

Each TOMO bottle
is designed to last

Beauty that makes a difference

Living an eco-conscious lifestyle doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. By crafting our refillable bottles to sparkle like a thousand stars, we honor the incredible beauty of our planet - and remind the world that style and substance can go hand-in-hand.

Did you know your incredible impact?

Every year, your TOMO prevents 156 plastic bottles from entering the environment. 

By Choosing A TOMO Bottle…

● You enhance your well-being with hydration

● You build a greener and plastic-free future 

● You celebrate life with beautifully-crafted bottles

● You inspire others to live an eco-conscious lifestyle