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Mornings aren’t easy. We’re all guilty of hitting the snooze a few more times than necessary. You tell yourself, “a couple more z’s won’t hurt.” You work hard. You deserve to treat yourself.

Until... Surprise! You wake with a jolt, then check your clock to find you have 20 minutes to get yourself ready and on the way to work. You brush your teeth, douse your hair with a healthy dose of dry shampoo, and run out the door with a rumbling stomach and no breakfast in hand. Sorry 8 a.m. pilates class, maybe next time.

Sticking to a morning routine is easy as fitting a peg in a round hole. But with consistency and motivation, you can become the early bird of your dreams. The trick is to fill your early hours with meaningful activities that will rouse you out of bed with excitement for the new day.

To start, write down each step on this list (or add your own). Keep it by your bedside table as inspiration to build stronger habits that last a lifetime.


5 Steps for More Relaxing Mornings

1. Drink Water

Ever wake up in the morning groggy with a dry mouth?

Getting out of bed is even harder when you’re off to an unpleasant start. After a long night of losing fluids in your sleep, the most important thing your body needs at the start of every day is water.

If you’re a late sleeper or just need an extra reminder, keep your glamorous TOMO full of water on your nightstand. When you wake up to thousands of dazzling crystals shining in the morning light, every day begins with a sip of luxury.

That’s what we call a morning glow.


2. Prepare Your Morning

Would you rather:

a) Wake in the morning and dig through your closet for the perfect outfit, then run around the house frantically looking for where the kids hid your work heels?

b) Spend your morning enjoying a leisurely breakfast, knowing your clothes are neatly folded at the edge of your bed, keys-in-purse, lunch already made?

You chose ‘b,’ didn’t you?

Here’s the secret to living the picture-perfect scene we painted for you:

The most crucial part of building an effective morning routine is taking baby steps. Choose one small thing to start preparing every day and once you’ve made it a habit, add another small preparation.

Before you know it, your whole morning is prepared for you before your head hits the pillow the night before. Doesn’t that sound like a dream?


3. Make Time to Reflect

Dedicate as much time as you can to allow yourself to go through your routine slowly and reflect on the day ahead. Relax in a comfortable spot with some hot coffee and a planner, and take the time to be with yourself.

Make a list of the 3 biggest tasks you want to complete during the day. Then, envision yourself accomplishing them as vividly as you can manage.

In your mind, immerse yourself in the moment so much it feels like you’re already there, excelling at everything you need to do.

This exercise can help you set your expectations and keep you optimistic about any challenges you face during the day.

If visualization isn’t for you, replace the exercise with whatever will help you plan for the day ahead. The ultimate goal is to help you face each day with confidence.


4. Meditate

We all have days where it feels like we never fully wake up. A daily meditative practice may help you lose this problem for good.

Meditation reduces stress and anxiety, improves concentration, and even helps you sleep better. If you’re new to meditation or struggle with concentration, begin with 5 minutes each day.

These steps can help you get started:

1. Find a quiet spot where you can close your eyes and let go. If you can’t find a moment of calm at home, take a few minutes in the car, on the train, or even in the bathroom. Remember, you deserve this time with yourself.

2. Focus on the spot between your eyes above your forehead and allow your mind to settle. You may feel thoughts rise up about your day. Observe them as they come and gently remind yourself to focus.

3. If you have trouble concentrating, slowly count from 100 to 1 in your head, envisioning each number as you go. Once you reach the end, allow yourself a short moment to sit in comfortable silence. Feel that you are safe and loved.

If you like, slowly increase your time meditating until you find an amount you are happy with. You want to prioritize this time so you may start with a fresh perspective on your day.


5. Get Moving

One surefire way to banish grogginess and boost energy is through exercise.

Don’t worry. This isn’t our way to tell you to go on an hour-long run or do an unforgiving spin class at six in the morning.

In fact, the thought of waking up to an intense exercise routine is often enough to get a person to break the habit before they even give it an honest try. Like we said earlier, you want to be excited to jump out of bed and get your routine started.

Start with short commitments. We’ve emphasized this a lot because it’s the most essential piece of the puzzle.

Dance to your favorite songs for 15 minutes. Do 20 squats right when you hop out of bed. Take a 10-minute walk around the block with the dog.

A short, fun exercise is more beneficial to your new routine because you’re more likely to want to do it every day. Once you’ve formed your new habit of moving in the morning, you can scale up to longer and more intense exercise.

A relaxing morning looks different to each person, so do what works for you. These are the 5 habits we suggest you start with, but your personal morning routine can be as long or as short as you want.

And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Patience is key, but peace and happiness at the start of each day are within your grasp if you persevere.



Julia Bratu, TOMO Team: Julia is a copywriter and content writer who specializes in sustainability and the luxury industry. Her mission is to make complex topics more accessible to the average person by writing fun, reliable, and inspiring content.


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