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Words are powerful. So powerful that the more you hear, speak, and read a word or phrase, the more it takes hold in your life.

The truth is that your brain craves consistency and repetition. So, it makes sense that repeating a positive phrase can help completely change deeply ingrained habits and patterns. In one way or another, perception is reality.

This is why at TOMO, we put hours of thought into the expressions we use. When we speak to each other as a team, we frame every situation with a positive twist (even when times are tough!), and we share gratitude at the end of every meeting. Saying gratitude keeps our team harmonious and our minds clear, productive, and ready to move forward no matter what gets thrown our way.

When speaking to the TOMO community, we choose to craft our messages to be repeatable, relatable, and uplifting. This way, you can take anything we say and claim it for yourself if it aligns with what you want to achieve in your life.

Today, we’ll dive deep into one of our most potent slogans and give all the juicy details on how to use the phrase in your everyday life. We hope you’re ready to take on the power of the motto we carefully crafted to inspire you to live your best life.


Why Say "Be Glamorous. Be Powerful. Be the Change"?

Our famous slogan, “Be Glamorous. Be Powerful. Be the Change.” is more than just a tagline for our brand. We chose every word intentionally to uplift the spirit and connect with the hearts of women everywhere.

When you join our mission to touch the lives of millions of people, you receive the gift of a dazzlingly bright accessory and an abundantly supportive community as well. That’s a lot of amazing things happening around a simple water bottle!

The three qualities in our catchphrase- glamorous, powerful, and life-changing- naturally exist within all women.

To understand how the whole story comes together, we can take a look at each part of the slogan. Every section has its own significant reason why we chose it as the main phrase to keep throwing at you. Aside from just being catchy, it is a series of affirmations that you can say all together or alone to bring a little more shine back into your life.


Be Glamorous.

All women deserve an outlet to shine as brightly as the star they are.
“Be Glamorous” is a reminder to
embody your inner glam with everything you do.

In fact, we think you should roll out the red carpet every time you leave your home! Being true to yourself, making a change in the world, and sharing what you love are massive undertakings.

That’s why TOMO Bottles shine so brightly they can’t be ignored- because you deserve to celebrate your life as loudly as you see fit. Allow yourself to be glamorous, and by saying it out loud to yourself you are speaking it into existence.

A TOMO Bottle is just one way you can proudly share with the world how exciting and dazzling the journey towards a simple, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle can be.


Be Powerful.

True power is not forceful or violent, but it is the joyful celebration of a beautiful, interconnected world. Power is the strength of loving one another so much that there is only one option; to do good.

The most important thing to remember is that all women are powerful. Your power lies in the connections you build, whether it be with other people, the natural world, or just with yourself.

To be powerful is to connect with others in a meaningful way, learn from one another, and tap into the deepest part of yourself that wants you to become the best version of yourself.

When you can envision it, and tell yourself that the power is already within you, you plant a seed that will grow slowly and steadily towards your ultimate purpose. This will become the driving force behind everything you do until your growth is unstoppable.


Be the Change.

The last words of our motto take everything excellent about TOMO and turns it into real action. All that glamor, power, and amazing connection between women come together to form a lasting impact like the world has never seen.

“Be the Change” serves as a reminder to do these three things;

  • Change your own life and embrace the strength inside of you to take the reigns in everything you do. Even if for a few minutes a day, go over the values that resonate with you, and throw out anything that no longer serves you. You are stronger than you ever imagined, and you have the power to be influential in everything you do.


  • Change the lives of the people around you by lifting each other up. Give the people around you ample opportunities to learn, grow, and prosper in any way you can. You would be surprised how often one small act of kindness can turn someone else’s life around completely. When you act as a role model by living sustainably and looking out for your health, others will follow in your footsteps.


  • Change the world with your support of clean water projects. Every TOMO Bottle sold gives one person clean water for life, but there are many other ways to help. Our goal is to connect women with the chance to change the life of other women and children who are total strangers all the way across the globe. You could be the catalyst towards the one-millionth person finally receiving their first glass of clean water.



We care about your success, so we always want to remind you that these traits can become unlocked when you remember to just ‘be.’

This is why messaging is so important. We want to create a space where women feel comfortable to be themselves. The TOMO Team works tirelessly to build a community of women who empower each other to fall in love with themselves over and over again.

While this is no small feat, we believe that our mission will bring women together like a force no one has ever seen. Glam Girls are the future, and when we band together, we will create a lasting impact for everyone involved.

So how can you embody the whole slogan, “Be Glamorous. Be Powerful. Be the Change”? You can start by repeating this modified version of the slogan to yourself every day. Say it in the first person and present tense because you are affirming what is already there.

“I am glamorous. I am powerful. I am changing the world.”

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