Crystals are our signature look, and we delight in sharing our unequivocal love for glam with the rest of the world. Without crystals, there would be no TOMO. And we take our crystals very seriously.

TOMO aims to deliver a sustainable bottle that is also high-end and chic, because you deserve to enjoy your glam without having to compromise.

We truly believe that the value of something is not only in the amount of money you spend on it, but also in the good that it can do for the world.

We sat down with our Production Manager, who we will refer to as “E”, to get to the bottom of what exactly makes the crystals we use on our TOMO Bottles so special. Keep reading to find out about how our glass crystals get their brilliant shine.


Why Crystals?

Aside from the fact that pretty much anything looks amazing doused in glitter, the look of crystals aligns with our values perfectly.

Since the beginning of time, crystals have fascinated our ancestors. They represent both the abundance of the earth and the beauty of the stars.

Crystals are believed by many to hold great power, especially for healing. This fact is documented most widely today in western Spiritual circles, but the connection of crystals to power has been recorded in several different cultures across time. One of the most compelling examples is recorded in Indian Vedic Texts.

Crystals resonate so well with TOMO because we want to bring things into the world that make women feel seen and powerful.

Sometimes, all that you need is a jaw-droppingly beautiful crystal water bottle, made specifically to bring a smile to your face every single day. True power lies in feeling comfortable with who you are and not being afraid to ask for what you want.

Next, we are going to tell you all about how our crystals receive a high grade, their vibrant colors, if they are sustainable, and how we keep your TOMO Bottle durable.


High-Grade Crystals

We use AA and AAA quality crystals. E shared with us that this means the difference in the levels are mainly the purity of the glass, the number of facets cut, and how good the polish is on the surface.

E explained, “Look at a diamond. The reason a diamond looks good is because it has many different faces. So the more sides, the more each surface will reflect the light and make it look shinier. It’s the same for the glass, depending on how many sides they cut.”

So, the number of facets AA and AAA crystals contributes to the level of shine reflecting from the crystals. AAA has 17 facets, so there it is highly reflective.

In the same way, purity can also be compared to a diamond. He told us, “If the purity is not high enough, the diamonds will look a little bit yellow, so if you don’t have high enough quality glass, you will get the same effect.”


Vibrant Colors

There are two ways in which TOMO crystals get their colors, E told us.

“In most cases, before you make the glass, there are many different metals and materials that need to go into it to get the color. For some other colors, like our Leopardess bottle, it’s painted with ink that bonds to the glass when it is heated. After we employ either method, the result is vibrant and natural colors.”

He also added that the color of the glass not only depends on the added colorant, but also the temperature and the nature of the furnace flame. Therefore making vibrant glass colors is actually a very calculated process.


Sustainability and Ethics

There are multiple valid concerns when it comes to the sustainability and ethics of using crystals.

One should first consider that natural gemstones are not as sustainable an option as we are led to believe. There are ethical concerns involving mined gemstones that we must consider, which involve a highly unregulated industry known for worker exploitation.

Gemstones are finite, but glass crystals can be made over and over again with minimal environmental impact.

The other two options for crystals are acrylic and glass. E shared with us why glass diamonds are preferable. “Acrylic is plastic. It’s soft, and it’s easier to scratch the surface. So if you use it for a while, it won’t be as shiny.”

E also mentioned that acrylic gemstones are non-recyclable because they are not safe to melt down though they are plastic.

Because we make our crystals from glass, they are always 100% recyclable, along with the stainless steel that the bottles are made from.



One might assume that a drawback to having a bottle covered in over 4,000 glass crystals is that they would get lost, but this is not the case with TOMO. An advanced glass mesh design keeps the crystals in place so tightly that it would take a great effort to get them to fall out. At TOMO, we strive for excellence and are proud of our innovative process.

E illustrated for us how difficult it is to lose a crystal, “This part is really, really strong. You would have to force the stones out. But during normal use after the production stage, it is very unlikely that it will fall off due to the strength of the Japanese glue we use to secure the crystals to the mesh.”


An Outstanding Bottle

Before we wrapped up our conversation, E wanted to emphasize something important about the quality of these crystal water bottles, "It is important to note that no two bottles are identical. They are all different because they are hand-made."

At TOMO we embrace that each bottle has its own spirit, because it was made with love and attention by the specialists who handcraft our crystals.

So, if you are looking for a bottle that is 100% unique (just like you) and created especially to help you get in touch with your glamorous side, head over to the TOMO Store to find the best fit for you.



Julia Bratu, TOMO Team: Julia is a copywriter and content writer who specializes in sustainability and the luxury industry.

Her mission is to make complex topics more accessible to the average person by writing fun, reliable, and inspiring content.


Carlos, K. (n.d.). Crystal Healing Practices in the Western World and Beyond Crystal Healing Practices in the Western World and Beyond.

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