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Have you ever looked at a gorgeous flowing river or the water pouring from your showerhead, and wondered “How can something so simple affect my life in so many ways?”

Water is an essential building block for everything on Earth- and it is everywhere. It’s in the clouds, the trees, and even our sweat during morning pilates.

This abundant resource has a handful of unique properties that we take for granted every single day.

Scholars and scientists have studied water for thousands of years. Some support the theory that water has memory, and others argue that water is an essential tool for healing. There are even some theories that suggest that water was initially brought to Earth by asteroids from space.

So, what does this mean for you?

Put your hands in the air and celebrate because it means that you can use the totally amazing properties of water to help you look and feel glam all the time! Read on to find out about the work of two researchers that will completely change the way you view what water can do for you.

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Water and Consciousness

Dr. Masaru Emoto is a leading researcher on the subject of water consciousness. His many studies have shown that water is affected by words, thoughts, and even music.

In one experiment, he and a team of other scientists wanted to know if we can affect other humans through only our intentions.

Unfortunately, there are both scientific limits and ethical concerns to straightforwardly conducting such a study. So, they decided to see how human thoughts could affect the properties of water molecules. If regular water molecules are affected by human intentions, then a human is likely to be as well (since our bodies are made of about 70% water).

They conducted a double-blind experiment in Tokyo, where 2,000 people were instructed to direct positive prayers at water bottles located in a room in California.

The water from each bottle was frozen, photographed under a microscope, and rated by 100 independent judges.

You might be thinking to yourself right now, “And it didn’t work, right? There’s no way.”

On the contrary, the results showed that the water blessed with positive intentions turned into beautiful, complex ice crystals. We know because they were rated as more aesthetically pleasing than crystals from water set aside in a different location as a control.

Dr. Emoto continued to do various other experiments on the molecular structure of water. He started by comparing the form of ice crystals from water in polluted vs. pristine bodies of water. He noted that the crystals were more chaotic and less “pretty” than their pure counterparts in each impure body of water.

He even once had water from the heavily polluted Fujiwara Dam prayed over by a Buddhist monk, and the result was crystals that resembled those from clean water sources.

So, if words, thoughts, and intentions can affect the molecules of water thousands of miles away, that raises the question of what intention does to our bodies filled with water.

So the next time you spare a kind word for another person or yourself, just remember that the water in your body hears every word- and it may respond in kind.


The Water Cure

How many times have you complained of a headache, only for someone to tell you to “drink more water”?

Now, how many times did you actually go and drink more water?

For most of us, it’s probably not that often. Dr. Batmanghelidj, the author of Water For Health, For Healing, For Life, argues that most of us probably aren’t drinking enough water. And he says it’s doing incredible damage to our health.

We’ve talked on the blog before about the havoc dehydration can wreak on your body, but Dr. Batmanghelidj takes the discussion a step further.

He’s been studying for years how water can be a therapy for the human body. His main argument?

The body manifests dehydration in the form of pain. So chronic pain conditions, disease, nausea, exhaustion- all of these could be symptoms of long-term dehydration. They’re also the symptoms of some of the most prevalent illnesses to affect our society.

He found this out through his research on the role of histamine in the body. What he learned is that histamine is a chemical that regulates water and drought in the body.

When you’re dehydrated, it tells you by manifesting pain. He says a considerable portion of the drugs that doctors prescribe are anti-histamines, affecting how well we hydrate.

A host of other health issues come along afterward because water is essential for our bodies to function correctly.

You might be wondering why you’ve never heard of this before. Dr. Batmanghelidj claims the reason is that water is not a money maker.

While there are still millions of people without access to clean water, water is basically free for most people in the industrialized world. It’s not easy to remarket what we are used to having in abundance.

So, the next time you’re feeling a little under the weather, don’t forget to reach for your favorite water bottle and drink up!



Water matters. No matter what you believe about how water affects our body, there’s no denying that it is as essential to life as air. We still have to keep up with our body’s supply of H2O to stay healthy.

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We want to stress that the TOMO team is dedicated to providing accurate and insightful information regarding your health. However, this is not medical advice. If you are experiencing any health concerns, please talk to your healthcare provider.


Julia Bratu, TOMO Team: Julia is a copywriter and content writer who specializes in sustainability and the luxury industry.

Her mission is to make complex topics more accessible to the average person by writing fun, reliable, and inspiring content.


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