So, we’ve all heard of the extremely taxing term “midlife crisis”, but what exactly is a midlife crisis? Well, it’s basically a period of transition and change that occurs in women between the ages of 45 and 65; often triggered by awareness of age.

While we tend to label anyone who snaps or stresses, over their forties, as having a midlife crisis, this misconstrues what the term actually represents.

Spot the Symptoms

Yes, it is that stage in life where you start noticing streaks of grey hair, wrinkles, sagging skin, and even feel a bit out of place amongst younger crowds.

Some typical psychological symptoms include depression, disappointment, and dissatisfaction with your life, nostalgia about your younger years, a sense of pressure of fewer years left, doubts about your past choices, an urgent need for change, and even a desire for intimacy or to feel wanted.

However, a midlife crisis is a bit more complex than just aging features, reckless behavior, nervous breakdowns, or unfounded unhappiness. It is, in fact, known to be associated with the dip in happiness, called the “U-shape” of Happiness.


Turn it Around

Studies show a correlation between a midlife crisis and happiness. So does this mean it’s not really a crisis? Well, it is and is also not.

While some of the psychological triggers associated with a midlife crisis are very real, they can easily be dealt with by changing your perspective to turn a midlife crisis into a midlife ‘celebration’!


1. Proper Self-Care

After years of neglecting yourself and prioritising your family to be a good mother, wife, daughter, you can finally take the time to focus on yourself.

You definitely deserve some self-love and self-care so enjoy this stage and look at it as an opportunity to appreciate yourself. Go pamper yourself to a spa day, shopping spree, staycation, or anything else you truly enjoy.

Remember you're doing this for you so go feel like the queen you really are! And our TOMO bedazzled bottles are the perfect accessory for a queen. TOMO bottles are created to make any woman carrying them not only look glamorous but also feel beautiful. Not to mention, the feel-good factor from compliments you'll receive and the relaxed freshness from staying constantly hydrated!


2. Join a Women's Community

Menopause and 'midlife crisis', or as we like to call it 'midlife changes', is an important stage in womanhood - when women supporting women can be truly impactful. Being a part of an informed community can help you feel more understood and supported.

Join a community for something that interests you, where you can share your passion, tell your story, and connect with like-minded women. This is a safe space, where talking about your issues can lighten your burden, and help you overcome any challenges through shared knowledge and experiences.

TOMO bottles are a great way to connect with your girlfriends or other women! You're sure to be showered in compliments whenever you carry your bottles and they surely make the perfect present for other women!


3. Reconnect with Nature

Research suggests that spending time outdoors is good for both our physical and mental health. While exercise is essential, simply sitting by the seashore, camping in a forest, walking in a park, or enjoying a serene lakeside view can drastically lift our moods. The cool, crisp air, scenic natural beauty, and soothing sounds can change your outlook and improve your mindset.

Don’t forget to drink ample water while you’re outdoors, especially when you exercise. You can now stay hydrated as well as avoid using environmentally harmful plastic bottles in nature, by taking our eco-friendly gorgeous TOMO bottles with you!


4. Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is more important than ever before! Eat leafy greens, nutrient-rich vegetables, fibrous fruits, and lots of protein. A healthy diet can keep your body strong and mind alert, prevent illnesses, and maintain good health.

Besides iron, vitamin, and minerals, water is a vital component of healthy eating. Drinking ample water keeps you and your organs hydrated and healthy, by flushing out any toxins from your body. Hydration can keep you young by strengthening muscles and sharpening the mind.

It is no secret that staying hydrated gives you fresh, radiant, and glowing skin. You’ve surely heard the phrases - “healthy mind, healthy body!” and “look good, feel good!”

When you stay hydrated, you feel good on the inside and look good on the outside. Water hydration renders a clean lifestyle with radiant and rejuvenated skin that can make you feel young and forget about your age as a crisis. And TOMO water bottles serve as the ideal reminder to stay hydrated and fresh.

So, take the first step to deal with your midlife crisis now by carrying our stylish, reusable TOMO bottles with you wherever you go!


5. Gratitude and Reflection

Looking back and reflecting is actually a great way to move forward. It is important to acknowledge and appreciate all that you have achieved - not only big milestones but also any small breakthroughs that are close to your heart. Consider writing it all down and taking time to remember your life and all that you have to be grateful for.

You have the power to change this from being a crisis to being an opportunity to reassess and improve your life and your relationships.

We often take so much that we have for granted. Many don’t even have the most basic necessities like clean drinking water and performing gratitude can give us perspective and make us better, happier people.

You can not only enrich your life but also the lives of many others, by choosing TOMO bottle. TOMO partners with Drop4Drop to help provide clean water to those without it through its bottle proceeds.

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